Jumat, 26 Juni 2015

Entah Apa Maunya

Haha, aku kembali lagi. Aku mau meralat sedikit postingan-ku sebelumnya. Itu lho, yang dibagian "rahasia". Haha, setelah kuingat-ingat, mungkin aku bisa menghapus contact dan keterangan tentang diriku di sini. Tapi akun blog ini tetap terkait dengan Google Plus-ku. *facepalm*

Baiklah. Aku tidak akan main hide and seek. Percuma soalnya. Dan yeah, aku berubah pikiran soal itu. Namun aku akan berpikir lagi untuk memposting tentang ini di Instagram. Baiknya aku posting atau gak, ya? Haha, ampun, dah. Ocehanku tambah gaje.

Leave it for a while.

Well, I'm going to post something this night. It began on one fine day, my thought come to these words. Maybe you could say this as a self-defense. I don't know if it can inspire you, guys. But I hope the best. 

Okay, no more chit-chat. Let's check this out. Thank you. :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------


There will be always people that way. the ones who like talking about other people business. and you are NOT THE ONLY ONE cause there are MANY PEOPLE who ever be in shoes like yours.

Just IGNORE them and their words. That's their problem and their sins. MIND only your own business.

GROW UP. Keep going, keep moving. Not for them. Not even to prove they are wrong. But DO IT FOR YOURSELF and your lovely people around.

Dont waste your PRECIOUS TIME for thinking so deep about their words. They don't deserve it. Good or bad, after all it's only you and GOD who know it well. Those unworthy people don't matter cause they know NOTHING.

Make a priority. And be STRONG.

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