Jumat, 27 Juni 2014

Juni 2014 "The Curtain: Tarian dan Menembus Hujan"

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Bumi arrived at the land full of stones. There are many black stones, all big and small, layered the land. He knows that he must go through this. He walked and walked until he faced a gate. This gate was the door of the next Kingdom, Kerajaan Angin. Bumi wanted to enter this gate. But there were two guardians at both sides of the gates. These guardians were twin. Left side guardian named as Gemi and Nusi for the right side. They said that Bumi could pass if he was able to answer a riddle from them. The riddle said: what is the center of gravity? Bumi just have sixty seconds to answer it. He thought it for a while. Then he smiled. Can you guess what Bumi said?

Welcome June 2014. I can't believe that it's already on the half year of 2014. That's true. Time really flies.

I gave this month theme related to the rain. I thought rain as a very large curtain that connected the Earth and the Sky. Rain is also a symbol of tough moment that a person may have, including me. I imagine me dancing and crying through this rain. Though there's tears on my eyes but still I've to be strong. I believe there's a better life over there. The sun is not gone yet. So there’s sun which will shine brightly.

Dancing in the rain, crying in the rain. Let no one realize there's tears on the eyes. Let the rain bring all of them; tears, sadness, madness also regret and pain. Just be strong! Not for anyone but for your own self. Because there's always God who loves you so much. :)

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