Kamis, 20 Maret 2014

Random Pictures #1 & #2

Yaiyy, this is random pictures number one that I wanna share to you guys. Hmm, I took these about several weeks ago or in February 2014. For the first picture, I played this Scrabble game with my new friend, Sonia (she is also my junior at Unja). While the second picture is after playing that with Ez. Hmm, I like this game. Anyone wanna play with me? :)

Okay, another random picture. I asked Ez to take this picture while we were at the way to home. We stopped for moments at Makalam Bridge (that’s one of bridge in Kota Jambi). There was a beautiful moonlight over the high building. That was so beautiful. So I thought, ok, I wanted to capture this scene. And here it is. J

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