Kamis, 20 Maret 2014

Maret 2014: Water World “Bernafas dan Lewati Celah”

Bumi has already helped King Abelon, King of Kerajaan Arus to find out all 28 magic dew drops. Then the King in the name of Mars, God of War, asked him for entering the battle field in the Water World. No, this wasn’t a war. Here in this place, Mars wanted to train Bumi, so he might be a hero for his people especially for himself. (Haha, ok skip it. This is just a piece of my imagination. If you still confused about that, check this post where this stuff began).

Ok, here we go. Welcome March 2014. The theme of this month is “Water World: Bernafas dan Lewati Celah”. Since I decided to quit from my last job, I was like being in the water.  I have to find another one not for sake of myself but also for others. I think sooner is better.

Yup, I aint a good swimmer but I’ll train myself. I’ve to. Then I’ll breathe not only in the land but also in the water. I’ll swim across the stone too. I know I can. I believe it. Bismillah. Please always help me God. Aamiin. J

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